Pictures of guys on dating sites

Posted by / 02-Nov-2016 02:23

Pictures of guys on dating sites

When we meet a potential love interest in person, we’re taught to look for certain red flags—like being rude to the waiter, calling incessantly or not at all, or claiming that his favorite book is The Da Vinci Code.

When we’re choosing potential dates online, though, we sometimes have little more than a picture and a paragraph to go on.

It’s great conversation fodder when someone displays snapshots of himself on vacation or out with friends, but it’s reasonable to expect at least one clear picture of his face.

Leave those details to the multiple choice questions, where you can include if you have pets or not. If red isn’t your color, try hot pink, royal blue or purple. Otherwise your profile will look like everyone else’s and get lost in Internet Heaven.

Posting photos more than five years old should be saved for #Throw Back Thursday on Facebook.

The biggest complaint I hear from singles is they’ve been unable to recognize many dates when they meet in person.

Some practiced daters have a standard letter they send to every single person they find even mildly attractive.

Someone who truly wants to get to know you will take the time to write a personalized message responding to specific items in your profile, not send a generic cut-and-paste letter saying, “Hey girl, I saw your profile and was intrigued …” Think about the hundreds of other people who’ve gotten the same letter, and decide whether you’re willing to accept only the barest minimum of effort.

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Do yourself a favor and add in the date the photos were taken.